Shrawan Yadav

Shrawan Yadav

Public Speaker | Life Coach | Entrepreneur



I AM YOU  Movement

‘I AM YOU’ is the not just the title, it’s the movement that fosters love and connection amongst the human race and beyond. You see that we all are the same yet different in the way we create life around us. Shrawan believes in harnessing the power of vulnerability and connection, because that is how we grow meaningful communities.

I AM YOU Talks

Shrawan believes that everybody has the innate charisma and ability to inspire. This talk is based on his journey, experiences and lessons he learned while going through life. He believes that strong characters are the result of going through Pain and Suffering. This talk is the sum-up of everything that he has learnt about life over the years and have these documented in his debut book titled ” I AM YOU”.

13 Chapters in Book
13 breakthroughs in workshop

  • Happy Ending, Not Always
  • Your reality is not the only reality
  • Frustration is a Friend
  • Asking for Help
  • Road: The safest place for Rider
  • Embracing Uncertainty
  • Be proud of own roots
  • Comparison is crime
  • Comfort vs Growth
  • Reputation, a meaningless concept
  • Shoes: The experiment
  • Talent Fallacy
  • Willingness to suffer

Benefits of the workshop:

The entire program is about ‘how to be happily successful’ in our careers, relationships, businesses and life. The very idea of being happily successful is about balancing your achievements with the prices you paid in life.

The participants will

  1. Learn to ACHIEVE goals sustainably.
  2. Overcome Social anxiety and increase your SOCIAL CHARISMA.
  3. Learn to become friends and build INFLUENCE in your network.
  4. Learn to ADJUST and identify the opportunities during uncertain times.
  5. Learn to LEVERAGE your day-to-day frustrations and create useful solutions for yourself.
  6. Learn to effectively ask for help and building your CAREER by incorporating help from others.
  7. Learn to leverage the fear of unknown, unexpected into POWER.
  8. IMMUNE yourself towards other people’s negative opinions of you.
  9. Get to the level of relentless committing towards SUCCESS.

Why should you do this workshop for your people?

College with Benefitted as follows:

  1. This is one of the greatest opportunities for the colleges to be the part of this movement where we help students to get breakthroughs in their careers and personal lives.
  2. This program will be the catalyst in making progress to their mental psychology.

The success game in any field and life is 80% Psychological and 20% mechanics (The How of anything). This is true for high performance people and the low performing individuals as well.

Evidently, the biggest opportunity in life for young people is to adjust,
develop the psychological muscles while they are in school or college.