Shrawan Yadav

Shrawan Yadav

Public Speaker | Life Coach | Entrepreneur

From education work, to spirituality citizenry.


From education work, to spirituality citizenry.


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Shrawan Yadav, is an Author, TEDx Speaker, certified NLP Trainer and MBA in Sales & Marketing. He started his journey into this space of training and coaching in 2012. Backed by the creative use of NLP tools in his trainings, he is one of the most dynamic, young and sought-after motivators and educators in India today.

He has conducted various personal development programs for youth and professionals across the nation. He believes in the philosophy of leading by example and learning by doing hence he practices psychology of emotions and brings personal breakthroughs. It is his unique style and sense of humor that make his sessions highly energetic and entertaining yet bringing the desired changes in the participants.

He is the founder of the initiative titled “Connecting Youth on Wheels” with an idea to talk about emotional wellbeing amongst the youths across the nation. Through which in the year 2017, he undertook a solo bike ride, clocked around 25,000 K.M. and conducted 80 seminars on the topics of emotional Wellbeing for our youth at the institutions across the 40 cities in India and Bhutan. He is on this never-ending mission to educate youngsters about their emotional self.

His work has been appreciated and applauded by leading newspapers in the country like Danik Bhaskar, Hindustan Times, Times of India, DNA, Indian Express (Tedex) Dainik Jagran and more.

LIFE CHANGING Transformations

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Connecting Youth On Wheels

“Emotional Wellbeing is the missing link which bridges the gap in the holistic development of our youth.”

“Connecting youth on wheels” is an initiative taken to empower young India by sharing with them the strategies and lessons to make them be emotionally intelligent and happily successful in life; and also listening to their stories.

This Mission is fueled by Shrawan, through which he had been reaching out to youngsters across the nation and delivering seminars on the key issues slamming on young India’s face.

If we can help them achieve what they want by supporting them with what they need, this would be a step forward to make this world a better place to be.


13 Chapters in Book, 13 Breakthroughs in Workshop

I AM YOU  Movement

‘I AM YOU’ is the not just the title, it’s the movement that fosters love and connection amongst the human race and beyond. You see that we all are the same yet different in the way we create life around us. Shrawan believes in harnessing the power of vulnerability and connection, because that is how we grow meaningful communities.

I AM YOU Talks

I believe that everybody has the innate charisma and ability to inspire. This talk is based on my journey, experiences and lessons I learned while going through life. I believe that strong characters are the result of going through Pain and Suffering. This talk is the sum-up of everything that I have learnt about life over the years and have these documented in the book.

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Shrawan spent most of his teenage years sulking about what he is not. He had esteem issues; he used to feel that he is not good enough. Negative emotions were so natural to him that they had impacted the way he interacted with himself and others.
When he started his career as a public speaker, which definitely is a hell of a journey in itself. And, today he is regarded as one of the inspirational speakers and Emotional well-being coach amongst his audience.
Shrawan has often been requested to speak at institutions and corporate on particular topics:
• Achieving Emotional Wellbeing
• Leadership
• Human Communication
• Neuro-Linguistic Programming
• Team Building
• Entrepreneurship

# A special talk program for colleges and universities is I AM YOU Talks… this one is based on Shrawan’s first book. The talk guides you to turn your flaws into opportunities to grow in life.